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Customer Testimonials

 Hi  I just want to thank you so much for coming up with this!  It is truly a  magic wand applicator! I have  been cross dressing for over 20 years now, and I have never looked so good or felt so confident until I purchased your no more streaks makeup applicator! My face looks great, and oh so smooth!  Thank you so much Tiffany.
Bella  in NY
Good day, I have taken the journey into Transgender and I have to tell you this product no more streaks makeup tray and rollers are the best thing I have ever purchased  since my transitioning / thank you again, Laura in Florida
Hello my name is Carl, I'm in show business and I'm a Drag Queen. I have been in the business for 15 years now, I must have bought every darn product out there. Still no luck you could see my shall we say "5:00 Shadow, until I tried your no more steaks tray applicators it was like a burden had been lifted from me. I'm no longer worried and I look FABULOUS ON STAGE  LOL NO MORE  5: 00 Shadow. Thanks to Tiffany and her magic makeup tray and rollers.
Carl in Calf
I'm a model and in show business as well. I just came out. And I too have had so many problems with my facial hair showing right through my makeup, looking uneven with streaks. I bought this no more streaks makeup kit and it was like MAGIC !!
Thank you, thank u, thank u
Miriam in Sunny Florida (sunshine State)
Texas Cross Dresser over here. My name is Sammy,  or Samantha  lol  I too had a really bad problem with acne and I had bad acne scars that would seem to show right threw my makeup I wore, no matter what I did, or how I applied it. I bought the Miracle tray and rollers and it was like a Prayer had been answered. You cannot see anything but a clear satiny  sheer finish on my face.
 Thanks Sincerely,  Samantha in Texas

Dear Tiffany, I have been x dressing for years now. I'm very passable but 1 little problem, you can see my face hair coming through my pancake makeup and I  also have bad skin, so when I  used to apply my makeup it would streak really bad. Welll after using like every cosmetic foundation and sponge, applicators ect............. Nothing worked. Then I saw your ad and web site, I thought the price was right, and so I bought myself a set. This was the beginning of a very very HAPPY ME!! I look Great and feel great when I get dressed up and my makeup looks terrific and goes on so smooth and streak free. Thank you for creating this awesome product.
Lots of love, and hugs
Tiffany  you are #1 IN MY BOOK!!  I could not have done it without you! I had acne scarring all over my face, I suffered for years. I wore cover up, but it always came on so streaky and  not even. I used your tray and rollers and I look like a million bucks now! All I can say is that if you were here right now I would kiss you :0)
Love Semour in Vegas
Hi I'm Tony a male model. I am also a cosmetologist. I have never in my life seen a product on the market like this one. It's unique because this product really works wonders!! OMG!! I  love it! It gives the appearance of having an even finish on my foundation and cover up makeup. I love it and my clients love it!
Your the Best, thank you for helping me, when I never thought I could look and feel so good!
Tony Chicago  IL.
I maybe on the wrong page because i am not a cross dresser, transsexual, transgendered or drag queen. I'm an old lady 67 years old with wrinkles. I stumbled across your site and bought the product. And I have to say I don't look a day over 50 years old. This makeup tray has literally changed my life. I met someone and were dating. I felt old, ugly and you have made me feel new again. I look great and I feel great. No more visible  wrinkles, when I apply my makeup using your rollers I look 20 years younger. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You!
Lilliath   New Jersey
I hated my appearance all my life. My face had scars from bad acne when I was a kid. This ruined my social life. I tried so many things on the market, some products like the cover ups were good but they went on so streaky looking. Until I found your no more steaks. My face looks like I don't have a scar or line or streak on it. You changed my life dramatically. And I thank you so much for that.
Bob K New York
Hi Tiffany, I saw your product on line, and decided to buy it for my daughter that used to be my son. She is a transgendered child. She was at the stage of coming into puberty. And we feared and dreaded that for her because of the facial hair and so on. She is on hormone therapy now and this makeup applicator was a real life saver for her! Thank you darling for this makeup wonder. Its a true blessing for her.
Jillian CT
Sweet Tiffany, your company has saved and changed my life for the better! My face was a total mess after being burned in a house fire. I did not want to be seen in public for years. I had spend a fortune on makeup applicators and products. Your tray and rollers work wonders with my favorite makeup. It's the same makeup I used to wear but every time I put it on it streaked real bad showing my burns on my face. In some spots it was darker, and in other lighter. I looked terrible. Until I tried your wonderful makeup applicators.. I am now not only streak free, but a very happy and positive person and I want to be around people now. Unlike before when I barely went out, or only at night.
Thank you Tiffany for giving me back my life and my Freedom!
kimmy L. Ohio


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