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This is a unique product that solves streaking problems. There is
 no product in the cosmetic industry similar to this unique invention.

This uniquely designed makeup sponge roller was specially created to eliminate excess makeup on the sponge to give your face a perfectly even, streak free appearance. The Miracle Makeup Applicator conceals all scarring, conceals acne, blemishes blotches, acne scars, blotches, skin mottling, face lift scars, facial reconstruction surgery scars, skin damage and helps to conceal both fine and deep skin wrinkling.

The Miracle Makeup Applicator is  a plastic cosmetic roller with a sponge attached to the top that rolls as you can apply liquid or powder. This is a rolling unit that is for applying makeup/cosmetics. This is a specific type of cosmetic roller and tray used primarily for applying makeup without streaking. It works as easy as painting something and all that is need to do is pour the makeup in the tray holder container and use the rolling brush to dip it in, then roll on rigid bumps of tray to wipe off extra liquid or powder and apply cosmetics to face. The sponge is needed to attach to the roller, so that the sponge can pick up makeup/cosmetics to apply to face. The tray is needed to pour cosmetics and the ridges are used to take off excess liquid or powder.

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