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Specially created for cross dressers, transvestite, and transgendered men and women! This magic miracle makeup applicator allows you, for the first time, to flawlessly apply your makeup, streak free! Hiding flaws, scars, unwanted hair growth, acne and blotches.


The miracle makeup roller is fast, easy and saves time. Easy to clean and puts just the right amount of makeup on your face and roller. A must have for anyone that uses cosmetics! Helps to prevent visible lines, streaking and blotching for the appearance of a silky smooth matte finish. Can be used with any and all types of cosmetics, foundations, concealers, and powders. Great for hiding acne, scars, blemishes, blotches and age and sun spots. 

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 Cross Dressers Beauty Supplies of Tiffany Cosmetics Inc. Announces Our New Miracle Makeup Applicators Kit

 This uniquely designed makeup sponge roller kit will eliminate excess makeup on the sponge to give your face a perfectly even, streak free appearance. Can be used with liquid or powder. Uses the least amount of makeup for the most even, complete coverage. Prevents the waste, mess and chalky look of too much makeup, while applying an even, smooth finish. Easily rinses out for next use. If you are an acne sufferer, the Miracle Makeup Applicators Kit will change your life. The Miracle Makeup Applicator will give your skin a pure silk finish. Specially created to deal with challenging skin problems, such as acne, scarring, blemishes, large pores, and wrinkling. Perfect for everyday use.

 This new innovative rolling sponge applicator gives make up users an entirely new experience. It's great design makes it extremely easy and convenient to use. The Miracle Makeup Applicator Kit is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a clean and professional make up finish every time.

 Consists of one larger cosmetic plastic roller wand with rolling sponge, one smaller cosmetic plastic roller with rolling sponge, and a small plastic tray with ridges inside tray and container to hold liquid or powder. Comes with an attractive carrying case. The Miracle Makeup Applicator Kit is small and light and fits easily into any makeup bag or purse.


A sophisticated and hassle free method for applying your makeup with no more streaks, lines or uneven finish. I am a professional makeup consultant and I now use the Miracle Makeup Applicatorson all of my clients. -Kari Dunnes CA

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